Easter may have been and gone but if you haven’t yet consumed all your chocolate then be aware of the dangers to your pets of some human foods such as chocolate or raisins.

Some of the plants seen at this time of year can also be dangerous to your pets.

Spring bulbs can be poisonous e.g. daffodils, tulips, narcissus and hyacinth.

If the bulbs are eaten (especially the skin at the bottom of the bulb) they can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. In more serious cases they can cause an increased heart and respiratory rate.

If dogs eat bulbs whole they can also cause an obstruction. Inside the home we may well have cut flowers. Lilies pose the biggest danger to our cats.

Many varieties of lily are poisonous causing potentially fatal kidney disease.

Your cat doesn’t even have to chew on the lilies to be affected.

Simply washing the pollen off their coat or drinking the water the lilies are in can cause harm so if in doubt please don’t have lilies in the house.

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