Our aim at Midforest Vets is to keep your pet as healthy as possible and we hope that they do not need to stay with us in hospital.

Most animals are much happier in their home environment with their families and so we generally only advise hospitalisation when really necessary.

Some illnesses require treatment that can only be given whilst your pet is hospitalised in our care, for example if your pet requires intra-venous fluids or medications or intensive care from our team of vets and nurses.

Whatever the reason we know it is a very worrying time for you and our dedicated team will do all we can to ensure your pet is well looked after whilst he/she is with us.

All hospitalised patients are given their own kennel with warm bedding and food and water as appropriate, and litter trays for cats.

The kennels are cleaned and thoroughly disinfected between patients.

All patients have at least one full clinical evaluation daily by a veterinary surgeon and all their basic needs are met by our fantastic nursing team.

Midforest Vets operates our own 24/7 emergency on-call service however we do not always have a vet or nurse permanently on the premises between the hours of 7pm and 8am on week-nights and after 12pm on Saturday at the weekend.

All hospitalised patients are checked at least once during the night by one of the nurses or vets and at least 4 checks during the day at weekends.

Dogs are walked outside where possible at these checks and medications are given.

Additional checks during the night are given according to clinical need where deemed necessary including continuous supervision if required.

Most of our patients however appreciate being left in peace and quiet for a few hours to get some sleep.

If you have any concerns regarding the hospitalisation of your pet at Midforest Vets then please do not hesitate to discuss it with a member of our team.