Did you know that all Microchips are not the same?

Just like most other things in life, there is a choice in brands and quality for microchips.

We only use the very best microchips that we can get.

These are Tracer Advance Slim chips. Most microchips have a glass outer capsule but Tracer Advance has a fully encapsulated bio-polymer capsule making it 10 times stronger than glass and less likely to shatter.

In addition Tracer come with a lifetime registration on the biggest UK pet database Petlog.

Our new Tracer Advance slim chips are 20% thinner, resulting in a much easier and less painful insertion.

After the 6th April 2016, dogs over 8 weeks old must legally be microchipped.

If you have a dog that is not yet microchipped please contact our reception to make an appointment.