If you have been out in the New Forest recently you may have noticed the abundance of mushrooms and toadstools on the forest floor.

They are beautiful and fascinating to see but many of them are very poisonous to us and our dogs when eaten.

There are thousands of different species of mushroom and they can be very difficult to identify unless you’re an avid mushroom hunter or mycologist.

We would advise that dog owners check their gardens at least once a week and pull up mushrooms to prevent the dog eating them.

Signs of mushroom poisoning are very variable depending upon the species ingested but symptoms can include severe diarrhoea and vomiting, neurological signs including tremors and seizures, hallucinations, salivation and urination and liver failure.

We would advise that if you notice your dog eating any wild mushrooms then treatment should be commenced ASAP.

The sooner we take action the better the outcome is likely to be.

Please note that supermarket mushrooms are perfectly safe for your dog to eat!